All Natural Curry Powder


Madell’s  All  Natural  Curry  Powder


Madell was the pet name given to my beloved Great-Grand Mother. We shared some of the most enjoyable childhood memories for nearly fourteen years of my life.  We were almost inseparable.  It was also during these years, she taught me natural forms of self-healing methods using some of the native herbs, which surrounded us, and the value of eating natural organic foods which grew around us.

I also learnt from her, the uses of the various traditional herbs, and spices, and the foods that was prepared with. Curry mixed with flour was our favourite spice of choice when we did fried chicken. Above all, she taught me the true values of life and the most creative, and honest methods of conducting business. It is in her honour that I created a product brand in her name.

Curry dishes have been enjoyed, and prepared on every Caribbean Island for hundreds of years, and has been traditionally used throughout the Caribbean islands as a food flavouring, prepared with various types of culinary dishes such as; Meat, Rice, Chicken, and Vegetables. Each curry powder can have as much as 20 different blends of spices added to it in various amounts, making each blend unique.


Great on Chicken, Meats, Stews, Fish and Marinates.

Item Number: 200905


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