Madell’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Madell’s  Extra Virgin Organic Olive is a rich oil left in its natural unrefined state.  The appearance is a greenish yellow color with a characteristic aroma. Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil is the highest quality Olive Oil available.    The Olive plant, “Olea Europaea”, comes from the Oleaceae plant family (the olive family).  This plant family also includes the ash, lilac, jasmine, and privet plants.  The history of this plant dates back some 50-60,00 years.  This tree bears a small oval fruit which has a hard pit with a bitter flesh, green when unripe and brownish black when ripe, from which Olive oil is produced.    The Olive plant was introduced to the Caribbean Islands particularly the West Indies, by the  Portuguese and Spanish colonizers between the 15th and 16th centuries.




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