As the U.S. is becoming more culturally diversified, there is a need for a broader introduction of ethnic products that reflects this cultural diversity. In recent years, the United States has been experiencing the emergence of small businesses which are impacting the U.S. economy in a very big way. More women are becoming part of this sector. In March of 2001, I started marketing a line of An All-Natural Caribbean Hot-Sauce. I first started to make a very small quantity of my Hot-Sauce for a Caribbean Restaurant Owner. The response by the customers was surprising, but the most appealing aspect of all this was the fact that it was An All-Natural product that contained no sodium. After much hesitation and with a lot of persuading by this restaurant owner, my first commercial venture finally materialized.


 I have since added six more food products to the line, including, A Madame Wob Dwiyet All Natural Creole Seasoning, which introduces a cultural feature of my native country the Commonwealth of Dominica, in the Caribbean. Several other natural products have been added as part of the product line, which includes An Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 100% Pure Castor, and An All Natural Aloe Vera Oil, and other Natural Oils all of which are marketed for their external natural medicinal or holistic benefits.


  In addition to these products, A line of An All-Natural Curry Powder, which was developed from a unique recipe, using a blend of all-natural spices, such as ginger, was created under a logo of my Great-Grand Mother’s pet name, Madell. These are All Natural and Organic Products.

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