Madell’s All Natural Old-Fashion Caribbean-Style Pepper Sauce.






was the pet name given to my beloved Great-Grand Mother.  We were almost inseparable, above all, she taught me the true values of life and the most creative, and honest methods of conducting business.  It is in her honor that I created a product brand in her name. Pepper Sauce is a condiment made and used widely throughout the Caribbean Islands with a variety of Hot Peppers and spices or with a combination of Hot Peppers. Some of the commonly used Hot Peppers are Scotch Bonnet,Pimar Ma Jack, Pimar Zwazo, are some of the popularly used ones. The recipes vary from island to island. Each island and household has its own recipe. Madell’s All Natural Old fashioned Caribbean-Style  Pepper Sauce is a unique blend of spices created to give a distinguished taste.  Pepper Sauce can be used as a condiment and also as a seasoning added to meat, fish, and poultry.







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