Aloe Vera Oil



Aloe Vera Oil is made by blending, and crushing Aloe Vera leaves in Soybean Oil. Soybean Oil is extracted from soy beans and is refined and cleansed. When the two are combined, it produces this final product,Aloe Vera Oil.



The Aloe Vera plant (Aloe barbadensis), also referred to as ‘lily of the desert’ is native to South and East Africa, and dates back to biblical times, as far back in history, over 5000 years BC.  There are over a hundred species to this plant. Barbados and Curacao Aloe Vera are two well known types.  Though the origins of this plant to the Caribbean is not really known.  It is cultivated in almost all of the tropical and subtropical regions of the Caribbean and Latin American Countries.



Aloe Vera oil, is known for the natural healing benefits it provides, and can be used for muscular pains, and minor skin irritations, such as sunburn.








Apply a small amount to the affected area




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