All Natural Minced Garlic

   Madell’s All Natural Minced Garlic, was developed by using some very unique types of Organic and Naturally grown Garlic Plants. The garlic used for this product is similar to garlic granules, milled into a coarser texture. (1/2 tsp equates to 1 garlic clove). One raw garlic clove, finely minced or pressed releases more flavor than several cooked whole garlic cloves.

Many dishes have been prepared and enjoyed, on every Caribbean Island for hundreds of years, using garlic. It have also been traditionally used in various types of culinary dishes such as: Meat, Rice, Chicken, and Vegetables.Garlic is considered a very healthy staple of every Caribbean household.

Great on Chicken, Meats, Stews,Fish and Marinates.

Item Number:201006