All Natural Hot-Sauce

Just like the richness of the Caribbean Islands, and the blend of it’s mesmerizing cultures, Caribbean Home-Style Products All Natural Hot-Sauce allow you to enjoy a taste of the Caribbean’s Natural Spices. The creation of this product comes from a secret recipe handed down to me by my beloved Great-Grand Mother.

Hot-Sauce and it’s assortments are used on just about anything, as a food favouring, for adding a more spicy twist. Hot-Sauce, can be used on various types of food, but it is mostly enjoyed on meats, fish, rice, marinates, and soups. Or just about anything which needs a unique and spicy taste added to it’s flavour.

So sit back and let the taste of the Caribbean’s Spices tease your imagination with an island getaway. One, which will keep you tuned to the rhythm of the beat of the islands.

Item Number:200101

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