Madell’s All Natural African Black Soap Cleansing Hair Conditioner.

Madell’s, All Natural African Black Soap Cleansing Hair Conditioner, is a unique hair conditioner, enriched with a blend of natural nutrients, such as Vitamin E. Created with 50% Shea Butter to give a superior lather to your hair.  Specially blended, to yield the best results for the overall replenishing and health of your hair. Inspired by the traditional customs of Ghana, this conditioner contains saponified Shea Nut Butter, Saponified Coconut Oil and Saponified Palm kernel Oil. It is a natural source of Vitamin A, E, and Iron.  This Cleansing Hair Conditioner, will smooth and cleanse rough-ended hair cuticles, and help restore thinning hair to a healthy and lush shine. Perfect for dry, damaged, and over-processed hair.  Formulated for all hair types. It will help fight hair loss, due to some of the nutrients added to it.  This Hair Conditioner is light and mild in texture, unlike most other conditioners which are heavy in texture. It does not contain any synthetic fragrances, color additives or animal ingredients.

Item Number: 201932