Madell’s All Natural Beard Cream

Madell’s All Natural Beard Cream.

Madell’s  All Natural Beard Cream is the perfect cream to help with beard growth and the overall daily conditioning of your beard. Specially blended, to yield the best results for the overall replenishing and health of your beard and mustache. Enriched with a blend of natural nutrients, such as Vitamin E, Biotin, Shea Butter and Witch Hazel. This beard cream is light, creamy and mild in texture, unlike most other beard creams that are heavy in texture. Formulated for all hair types.  Madell’s All Natural Beard Cream does not contain any synthetic fragrances, colour additives or animal ingredients.

Uses: For the beard (gently rub cream through your palms and fingertips, massage it into your beard and mustache): Perfect for beard, and mustache, aids with hair growth. It can be used as a hair softener, good for dandruff control. As a moisturizer for dry beard (beardruff), shave bumps, and ingrowing hair and styling needs. Use on dry or mildly damp hair. Great for growing longer beards, and mustache to style and shape.


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