All Natural Witch Hazel



Witch Hazel has a very long history of uses in traditional Medicinal applications dating back to the early Native Americans. The Witch Hazel plant, also known by the botanical name “Hamamelis Virginiana Linné” is a natural extract, derived from the witch hazel shrub. It has been used for over a century for a variety of cosmetic applications.  Witch Hazel is harvested from a wild crop native to the Woodlands of New England. It is 100% naturally distilled, and formulated with 14% natural grain alcohol.  Witch Hazel has been used in old traditions as a natural astringent, skin toner and cleanser, and anti-inflammatory, soothing, and cooling agent.


Witch Hazel, is advantageous, in the personal care and cosmetic industry, due to its emollient and skin moisturizing properties.


Other Uses: As a mouthwash,oil pulling,as a soothing foot soak.










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