Caribbean Home-Style Products, is a small manufacturing and distribution company of All Natural and Organic Hair Oils, Shampoos, Conditioners, Natural Oils, a Plant-Based Hand Sanitizer/Moisturizer, and a Plant-Based Skin Spray, all promoted and marketed for their holistic benefits for every Skin and Hair type. I started the company in April of 2002, the aim was to give the average consumer a healthy and natural choice, in keeping oneself healthy.  No chemical additives are used in these products.  The products I have created are All Natural and Organic Products using natural ingredients such as Castor Oil, Aloe Vera, Hemp Oil, Ginger, and Witch Hazel.  All of which have a very long history of uses in traditional Medicinal applications.


   The idea for the formation, of this type of business came up some five years before its official launching. It was only five years later this plan materialized into a tangible business. The company is a USA based company, Caribbean Home-Style Products, was created several years ago. The products and product ideas were developed based on I being able to produce and market, All Natural Products that are a unique type of Caribbean products. One, that was All Natural, and rich with various types of natural spices commonly used throughout the Caribbean islands, made available at the most affordable price to the average consumer. I have always enjoyed cooking, and creating new recipes. Before coming up with my brain-child project, Caribbean Home-Style All Natural Hot-Sauce, I prepared various home-made hot-sauces and other spicy recipes, which I shared with close friends. As the years went by, I realized that the sauces I made and shared were becoming popular among my friends. Growing up in the Caribbean, hot peppers was something that I used to eating and learnt many ways in which Hot-Sauces were made. I always loved spicy foods, Hot Peppers were always my favourite. So, I created recipes that reflected my Caribbean roots.


 I  thought about the best recipe I could use from my many recipes, and eventually, I decided to use a secret recipe taught to me by my late Great-Grand Mother, whom I adored immensely. This recipe was taught to me by verbal instruction, since my Great-Grand Mother was blind. I have cherished these moments we spent together. She was my rock. It is also part of what I learned and ate as a child growing up in the Caribbean.


 The uniqueness of this sauce is reflected in its taste. After several years of planning, and with the memories of my beloved Great-Grandmother, I have now produced two unique products, developed from my recipes, Caribbean Home-Style All Natural Hot-Sauce and Madame Wob Dwiyet All Natural Creole Seasoning. Products, that can distinguish themselves, as being the only ones of their kind on the market.

Once I had done all the necessary research and made the decision to go commercial, I had to come up with a name for the business to make it an official company. I came up with the name Caribbean Home-Style Products, which would reflect products that are prepared and used in the average Caribbean home, whether it is as a home remedy or just for a regular meal. Its formation aimed to introduce a new type of product.



Please visit the website to get a better understating of the products sold. 


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